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D'Elias is a 999-year private residential project built in 1881. It is located along Elias Terrace, in district 18. District 18 is considered to be in the Outside Central Region (OCR) of Singapore. D'Elias comprises terrace units.

  • Terrace sales : Trending down < path stroke="none" d="M0 0h24v24H0z" fill="none"/>

D'Elias Sales Trend
Sales transactions trend
New Sale Sub Sale Resale
0 0 4

The graph below shows the average monthly transacted sale price for each of the terrace units for D'Elias in the last 3 years. This is based on the transactional data collated for D'Elias for the selected period.

  • Terrace price : Trending up
D'Elias Price Trend
Average sale price
Average Price PSF

Displayed below are the low-high transacted price ranges for each of the property types in D'Elias. The length of each bar represents the gap between the low and high prices. The blue dot on each bar indicates the average sale price for that property type. Average sale price is calculated based on all the transaction records collated for each property type for D'Elias, for the selected period (last 3 years).

  • Terrace : $2,068,000 to $3,068,000

High / low / average sale price range for D'Elias
Low : $2,068,000
High : $3,068,000
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There were a total of 4 sales transactions for D'Elias in the last 3 years, with the latest one recorded in Oct 2023. Disclaimer : our transactions data below does not include block numbers as the data is not available.

Date Sale PSF Type Location Floor Fl. Area Tenure Built
Oct 2023 $3,068,000 (Resale) $716 Terrace D'Elias Elias Terrace (District 18) - 4284 sqft 999 years 1881
Aug 2022 $2,600,000 (Resale) $639 Terrace D'Elias Elias Terrace (District 18) - 4069 sqft 999 years 1881
Jan 2021 $2,185,000 (Resale) $494 Terrace D'Elias Elias Terrace (District 18) - 4424 sqft 999 years 1881
Jan 2021 $2,068,000 (Resale) $448 Terrace D'Elias Elias Terrace (District 18) - 4618 sqft 999 years 1881
Date Rental Type Location Bedrooms Fl. Area

No rental transactions found.

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Comparison of Sales & PSF
Sales Comparison
Average PSF Comparison

Note that for the last 3 years, there are no rental transactions for D'Elias. So, it is represented as a flat line in the graph below.

Comparison of Rental & PSF
Rental Transactions Comparison
Average Rental PSF Comparison
Project Tenure Distance Lowest (S$PSF) Average (S$PSF) Highest (S$PSF) Lowest Rent (S$PSF/m) Average Rent (S$PSF/m) Highest Rent (S$PSF/m)
D'Elias 999 years - $448 $574 $716 - - -
Elias Green 99 years 0.14km $632 $778 $929 $1.38 $2.16 $3.47
Ris Grandeur Freehold 0.16km $676 $1,081 $1,295 $1.64 $2.53 $4.09
Belysa 99 years 0.18km $664 $1,054 $1,344 $1.38 $3.27 $4.80
Livia 99 years 0.2km $811 $1,032 $1,246 $1.71 $2.80 $4.20
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What is the average PSF price for D'Elias terrace?

The latest average PSF price, as recorded in Oct 2023, is $716. The PSF price trend as seen during this period is going upwards.

What is the sales trend like for D'Elias terrace?

The total number of transactions recorded in last 3 years, is 4. The number of sales seem to be trending down.

What is the average rental PSF per month for D'Elias terrace?

There are no recorded rental PSF data for terrace in the last 3 years.

How does the rental trend look like for D'Elias terrace?

There are no rental transactions for terrace recorded in the last 3 years.

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